9 January 2020

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Hire an Architect

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Understandably, the decision making process when embarking on such a large-scale project such as a house extension, office re-design, new build, etc. is one that comes with many questions and deliberations. However, whether or not you should hire an architect should not be one that takes too long to decide upon – the answer is an easy yes! Here’s why we think so:

Beginning a project is a large investment and a personal one too, so should be given a high level of attention and consideration from the professionals that you are working with.


Firstly, we recommend working with a RIBA chartered practice when selecting your architect.

By working with an architect on your project, you already know that you are working with a trained and licensed expert who holds a vast level of knowledge and experience in their field. They are able to see the bigger picture of your goal as well as every small stepping-stone that needs to be crossed to get there. An architect also would have realistically faced many of the questions or uncertainties you may have so are well equipped to make you feel at ease with the process. An architect will ensure that they are listening to you and working out how your intentions and daily lifestyle will fit in with their creative ideas. All of this done whilst aligning with the building regulations, best practice and tackling any possible structural restraints.

Easier Process

Your selected architect will make the development a lot easier for you through thorough design as well as their contractor connections.

By ensuring a high level of detail in the design process they reduce the chance of facing any issues later on in the process. They will provide numerous examples of their design plans; renders, sketches and even virtual reality in some cases. This helps give you a clear understanding but also means they are more likely to avoid any design errors that can seriously complicate the build!

Enlisting an architect will mean that you are also being connected with their extensive contact list of trusted contractors and professionals to work with during the process. The build process will be managed for you; liaising with building regulation officers and planning departments in the build-up. Your architect will be able to over-see the project and select contractors who are adequately insured and are trusted to work on making these designs into a physical reality. What’s more, your selected architect will be on hand to help handle any tough negotiations that may arise.


The importance of considering sustainable developments is greatly considered by architects when planning out their designs. Hiring an architect means that you are working with somebody who will be taking into account how to make efficient energy use decisions and consider sustainability in the concept to also save you money and ensure it lasts the long haul.

Overall, the hiring of an architect is the wisest decision you will make when embarking on this development!

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