21 March 2024

What key factors you should take into consideration when choosing an architect?

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We caught up with our Architectural Associate Lewis Shaw to get his view on what key factors you should take into consideration when choosing an architect. Here are his thoughts…

“Make sure you are dealing with a firm that is RIBA chartered. There are many firms out there that offer architectural services, but they may not have chartered professionals working there. Being a Chartered Practise means that our team have quality training in the design of buildings. Companies who offer architectural services who are not RIBA chartered, may not have this design expertise and could leave you with drawings and a scheme that doesn’t meet your needs.

At RA architects we provide our service from the initial concept right through to completion of the building on site. We hold your hand through the full process, making sure that all the paper work is in place. We even help you find a builder and put a construction contract in place so that you are protected. Some firms may only offer a drawing service, or services up to pre-construction stage. It is important to work with a firm that will provide a service that is right for the job.”

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