3 April 2024

‘I always associate Architects with grand designs or large projects – should I be acquiring the service of an architect for a smaller domestic project?’

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We spoke to Architectural Associate Lewis Shaw and got his insights on this perception…

“The experience and training that an architect can bring to any construction project should not be undervalued. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that by saving a little bit of money and ‘getting some drawings done’ by a drafts person that you will be getting to the same destination as you would by working with an architect.

The design skills that architects possess means that they will come up with the best scheme that meets your needs and complies with regulations. A drafts person will simply draw the scheme that you ask them too, without considering why you want it, or how it can be built or if it meets with planning policy.

Good quality architectural advice will not only smooth the path for development but will make sure that you are satisfied with the end result, rather than the empty feeling of ‘I wish we had done that differently’.”

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