Education Architecture Specialists

We are RA Architects, a design-led architectural practice providing services to Education clients across the UK from our offices in Newport, Wales.

Architectural Design for the Education Sector

Our team have been undertaking designs for educational establishments over the past 10 and have extensive experience across the range of education building types and modern education techniques.  We have worked on projects across all education sectors, including preschool, nursery, primary school, and university. Our aim across all of these projects has been to improve the quality of life for the students and teachers alike.

Our work for nurseries has seen great success across South Wales. Often working within the confines of existing buildings to adapt them to best suit the needs of the children and carers. We try and bring a fun spin on these designs to maximise the enjoyment and use of the spaces.  Our work at universities ranges from spatial planning through to public realm design. Again, working with existing structures and buildings often delivering projects to a high standard within a live, working environment.

Always pushing for creativity and enjoyment in educational architecture design, we receive great feedback for our collaborative approach where we involve students and stakeholders in engagement workshops from an early stage. Our work with primary schools on the forest school initiative is a great example of how we are able to work ‘outside the box’ when it comes to traditional architecture and establishments to enhance the learning environments of the students.

We see the value and importance of good quality design in educational buildings, take a look at our case studies for examples of how we have helped, nurseries, schools and universities alike.

Latest Education Sector Projects