26 February 2024

Domestic Project Case Study

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Take a look at this beautiful vision for Blaendare House in Pontypool!

Blaendare House lies approximately two miles south of Pontypool town centre, situated at the end of a private farm in a rural area. The original dwelling was built in 1810 and then extended over the years using different architectural styles.

The dwelling was left abandoned and is now in a derelict, unsafe state. The current owners have decided to replace Blaendare House with a new sustainable house.

The vision and design concept are based on three main principles:

1. Sun orientation to make the most of the sun for warmth and natural light

2. Terrain morphology to suit the gradient and contours that characterise the site

3. Energy efficiency achieved via passive solar gain and low-impact materials

We’re excited to be part of transforming this dwelling into the sustainable and spectacular vision the owners have in mind!