Residential Single Storey Extension

Feasibility and planning, detailed design and tender plus contract and project overseeing.

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The Brief:

To create a contemporary single story rear extension, with enough room to accommodate a kitchen, dining space and family area. Also to add a side extension to make room for an office and library space.

Unique Design Features – Once finished the exterior to the property showcases a beautiful white render contrasted against timber cladding. A wrap around window on the corner of the office side extension enhance natural light. Crittall style doors frame the view from kitchen to garden and allow a smooth transition from inside to out and the addition of skylights and high placed windows spanning the width of the extension bring a bright and airy family space.



Our clients contracted TLC Building Services to complete the work with ourselves overseeing the contract administration and project management.

There is still a tiny bit more work to do before the property is complete (namely applying the crisp white exterior.) However already we can see what an improvement the new living space has made for our clients. If you’re thinking of embarking on a similar project, we’d love to get involved. Contact the team on 01633 744144 or email