6 March 2024

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We caught up with architectural technologist Dominic Phillips and asked him what he believed to be the key factors when choosing an architect…

“Knowledge and experience are undoubtedly two of the most important factors to consider when choosing an architect, but the best fit for you will also be able to translate effective design into your personal style, and will be someone you’re comfortable working with.

Here are some of the highly recommended ways to select the right architect for you:

Good Rapport

When interviewing various architects, one of the deciding factors should be whether you get on. You would want to feel confident that you could approach them with questions and anything else related to the design. A breakdown in communication can have a lasting impact on the whole project.

Local Knowledge

Choosing an architect who has previous successful experience of dealing with your local planners can be a massive advantage to have from the start. It pays to have someone in your corner who is used to and familiar with your planning authority. They will often know what might or might not gain approval and have a rapport with those deciding the fate of your project.

Work you Admire

The easiest way to decide on an architect is looking at their previous work. A good and easy to navigate website can make all the difference when you only have a short amount of time to decide. You want an architect who is experienced in the type of project you are after. The website will give you an indication of the calibre of work they produce, the materials they use and the construction systems they’re used to working with.”

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