Business Showcase South West, 2017

Here are a few images taking at the recent Business Show Case South West, 2017. The eagle eyes among you may spot a cool piece of kit on our stand – the Samsung Gear VR.

This piece of technology allows our clients to see their potential new spaces in 360 degrees! We'll be doing a follow up post specifically on this shortly (so please follow us) for an update. 

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5 Minutes with Antonella




Antonella is one of our architectural assistants. Hailing from Rome, Italy where Antonella completed her studies in 2015 she now calls Wales home.


Hi Antonella, so what are you currently working on?

Hello, I am busy with a mix of projects, the main bulk being residential which is great as I’m really passionate about these type of home improvements but I am also involved in the exciting development of Barry Community, Water and Activity Centre which has been incredible to work on.


sketch of barry community water and activty centre


What’s been your favourite project with the company so far?

I have a soft spot for a lovely residential house in Welsh St Donats as it is my first solo project and the build itself has been quite challenging structurally, which is always a nice reason to exercise the mind and think outside the box! The development (which will be a 2 storey extension through converting an existing garage) is due to begin the build stage shortly and I’m really excited to see it all finished. Hopefully we can share the progress of it soon!


What is your favourite type of project?

As a keen cyclist I love being outdoors and am influenced by nature, so naturally I really enjoy projects which involve eco-buildings.


What project throughout history do you wished you’d worked on?

I’m a big admirer of the late (and great) architect Zaha Hadid who designed the Maxxi Museum in Rome, which is a museum for modern and contemporary art. I remember going to the opening of the building in my second year of university and being awestruck by how fluid the inside rooms were designed, each space meandered perfectly into the next! I’d highly recommend others to visit when next in the country.




Tell us one fun fact about you?

I’m an ace in the kitchen and love to whip up my favourite pasta dishes from home.


Thanks Antonella! We hope you enjoyed getting to know our team, we’ll be featuring more mini interviews throughout the year so follow us to keep updated for the next one!



3 Reasons We Love Roof Lights



As you may have seen on social media, we were recently visited by Rob of Glazing Vision who gave a great seminar on how to ‘Unlock Light, Air and Space’ through roof lights. We were left really inspired by the talk and thought we’d pass on our top three reasons why we encourage the use of roof lights in our projects too!




It’s well documented that being exposed to natural light has big benefits for our wellbeing. Not only has it been proven to boost morale, it also lowers fatigue and reduces eye strain and headaches! This is great news for the workplace especially as it means absenteeism is lowered whilst productivity is higher. There have even been studies that demonstrate how shoppers will stay longer in malls and that patients may even recover quicker in hospital!




Did you know that roof lights let in two times the amount of daylight versus vertical glazing! The transmission of more natural light into your room also means less electrical lights are switched on thus contributing to lower running costs for your building.






A properly installed roof light can enhance your thermal comfort meaning a better night sleep – something everyone needs! Roof lights (by removing heat and other pollutants) can improve your air quality and provide natural ventilation. All big pluses in our book!


We hope you enjoyed this article, if you’d like further inspiration to spark your project our pinterest board is bursting with cool ideas!



We're also offering a free 1 hour local consultation to discuss your project, call the office on 01633 744144 or email to book!






We Are Hiring!


We have an exciting opportunity for two new people to join our very friendly team! We are looking for an architectural technician plus (through Jobs Growth Wales,) an architectural assistant.

What will you be doing?

Our architectural technician will be working closely with our in-house architects, along with other external contacts; providing architectural design services and solutions on projects. The right candidate will be responsible for the production of all working technical drawings as well as the preparation of feasibility studies, sketch designs, 3D modelling specification and report writing.

Meanwhile our new architectural assistant will be busy assisting our principle architect in the design and delivery of 3D and technical drawings and (under supervision) will be delivering projects as well. This is a great opportunity for a recent graduate under the age of 24!


We ask that you send your CV to for consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!